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Yogacharya Ananda Leone

I was born in Brazil, from Italian parents and Grew up between the endless love of my parents and the lush tropic nature in South America. It was a very solid foundation in trust, truth, freedom and love. My grandmother was a healer and introduced me to many shamans and all kind of religions and spirituality was very present. After finishing college I discovered three passions dance, ecology and yoga, and the next ten years I was following it between Brazil,Europe and India, my studies as a Forster I finished in Freiburg, I was trained as a ballet dancer and performing in South America and Europe. Yoga I started in 1980 and in 1990 we created the Yoga Akademie Berlin, at the same time went to India to study with Dr Swami Gitananda, that was a life changing experience. Living in an ashram with a real master was intense and unforgettable. Swamiji teaches an old tantric traditional yoga. He passed away few years later and I travelled all over India to experience other teachers and other traditions, in one of those trips I met Amma a Indian saint who is the pure manifestation of unconditional love and compassion.
In the urge to know better human nature, I also study for few years traditional Chinese medicine, naturopathy and family system therapy.
Travelling has always being part of my life as a child in Europe and South America and the last few years in Asia, and always searching for holy places, pilgrimages, temples, healers, masters, and enjoying this amazing variety of cultures, languages, traditions, landscapes, values, food…..and how rich is our planet.
In Berlin, we create the Yoga AKademie Berlin, Yoga Raum Berlin, Yoga Sky Berlin and Institut für Yogapsychologie, in Vienna the Yoga Akademie Wien.
Bali has been a very important part of my life the last years, where we created Bali Bliss a wonderful yoga resort a perfect place to recharge and connect with the divine.
All this would not be possible without the love of my wife and the support of my students and friends.


1963 born in Brazil (Italian parents)
1970 moved to Argentina
1974 moved to Canada
1976 back to Brazil
1979 graduatd in high school
1980 training and performances in ballet dancer
1989 graduated as forestry engineer in Germany
1990 established Yoga Akademie Berlin
1991 studied in ICYER International center for yoga and education research in India
1992 married Urvasi Leone
1993 training and performances in bharatnatyam in India
1994 studied naturopathy
1996 studied TCM traditional chinese medicine
2000 built Bali Shakti in Bali
2004 set up Yoga New Horizons
2006 found Yoga Raum Berlin
2010 built Bali Bliss in Bali
2011 established Yoga Akademie Wien
2012 stablished Yoga Sky Berlin
2012 married Sophie Leone
2013 set up Bali Yoga Academy
2014 set up Tantra Yoga Academy
2016 birth of my daughter Cecilia
2017 stublished Institut für Yogapsychologie

1980 first yoga classes in Brazil
1984 certified Yoga teacher UCP Universidade Catolica do Parana
1988 yoga classes in Berlin with Asha and Keshav Rekay
1989 started teaching yoga in ZeitLos Berlin
1990 established the Yoga Akademie Berlin
1991 start studying yoga with Dr Swami Gitananda in India
1991 first yoga retreat in Ibiza
1993 certified Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist by Dr Swami Gitananda
1994 certfied Yoga Teacher Shivananda Yoga in Neyardam India
1995 studied with B.K.S. Iyengar in India
1996 studied with Patabis Jois India
1997 studied in Lonavla Yoga Institut India
1998 certified Yoga Teacher Bihar School of Yoga India
1999 studied Yoga with Angela Farmer and Victor Van koten in Greece
2000 built Bali Shakti one of the first yoga studios in Bali
2001 leadind yoga trips to Bali India and Tibet
2005 presenter at the Yoga Kongress Berlin (Germany)
2006 presenter at the Yoga Kongress in Sinai (Switzerland)
2006 stablished Yoga Raum Berlin
2007 Anusara Teacher Training with Bridget Woods Kramer London
2008 crator and presenter at Bali Spirit Yoga Festival
2009 presenter at the Yoga Kongress Potsdam (Germany)
2009 presenter at the Yoga Kongress Graz (Austria)
2010 presenter at the Bali Spitit Yoga Festival
2011 established Yoga Kademie Wien
2012 established Yoga Sky Berlin
2013 presenter at the Bali Spitit Yoga Festival
2015 presenter at the AYC Asian Yoga Conference Hong Kong
2017 stublished Institut für Yogapsychologie
2017 presenter at the Yoga Congress BDY
2017 started Teachers Training Hongkong

1986 studied sanscrit at the FU Berlin with Prof. Klaus Bruhm
1988 studied asian iconography at the FU Berlin with Prof. Adalbert Gail
1997 First Tibet Kailash Pilgerreise
1998 audience with his holliness the Dalai lama
1999 Personal Assistent of Sogyal Rinpoche
1999 easter retreat with Sufi Master Pyr Vilayat Inayat Khan
2000 meditation retreat at the monastery Mohasi Sasana In Yangoon (Myamar)

1979 certified Architecture Designer Colegio Positivo (Brazil)
1980 start the Ballet Dance training in Teatro Guaira
1981 3 Months practical training in Amazonas (Brazil)
1984 dance performances in South America and Europe
1985 1 year practical training at the Umweltamt Freiburg (Germany)
1986 Intense Ballet training with Jacque Barckley in Berlin (Germany)
1987 1 year practical training in Secretaria do Meio Ambiente (Brazil)
1988 foundation of the Parque Nacional da Serra do Mar (Brazil)
1989 graduated as a Forestry Engineer Brazil/Germany
1991 studied Bharatnatyam with Bragha Guruswami (India)
1993 Bharatnatyam dance performances tour in Paris, Amsterdam, Sankt Petersburg
1995 studied nathuropathy
2008 2 years training in family system therapy in Berlin

2005 Yoga Kongress Berlin Germany
2006 Europäische Yoga Kongress Sinai Switzerland
2008 Bali Spirit Yoga Festival
2009 Potsdam Yoga Kongress Germany
2009 Bali Spirit Yoga Festival
2010 Yoga kongress Graz Austria
2013 Bali Spirit Yoga Festival
2015 Asia Yoga Conference Hong Kong
2017 BDY Yoga Kongress Berlin


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